Human Resources Services

With over 30 years of Human Resources (HR) experience, The Green Mountain Leadership Center (GMLC) can bring knowledge, skill and the desire for great HR outcomes to your organization.  Whether a special, one-time project or on-going consultation, GMLC is available to help assist with your most important asset: PEOPLE!  Here are some of the HR Services available:

Interim HR Solutions

GMLC is available to meet interim HR needs such as when an organization has a key HR staff opening that needs to be filled on an interim basis.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is critically important yet often overlooked, need of every organization.  GMLC can help develop an on-going process and set of tools to provide a robust Succession Planning and Development program.

HR Auditing

What is the state of your HR function?  Are you fully compliant?  Do you (or can you) adopt low-cost best-practices in the management of your human resources?  Let GMLC audit your HR function.  You will be provided with a detailed Audit Report complete with specific, adaptable recommendations.  

Employee Handbooks/Policies

GMLC has a depth of resources in the area of HR handbooks and policies.  We can review and modify existing handbooks and policies as well as create all new handbooks and polices for your organization.

Training Program Modules

While GMLC is able to deliver training to your organization, we can also create training modules that you can purchase and deliver with your own trainers.  This is a particularly cost-effective strategy if you have a disbursed work-force.

Recruitment Strategies/Processes

The ability to attract and retain talented employees is one of the most important keys to long-term business success.  With Baby Boomers retiring in droves and Millenials switching jobs with greater frequency than generations before them, having a clear, well thought out recruitment strategy and process is a business imperative.  GMLC can help you to develop tools that will increase your abilities to attract and retain key talent.


GMLC can provided coaching to key individuals and groups to help increase job performance and outcomes.  Each coaching assignment is customized to the specific need of the organization.

Performance Development

Deep down, employees are looking for the answers to two questions from their direct supervisors: (1) What do you expect of me? and (2) How am I doing against those expectations.  Over time, we (HR) have made Performance Development overly complicated and burdensome.  Let us demystify Performance Development and help to create a system that works for you and your managers.

Balanced Scorecards

The things we keep score about get done!  People like to keep score.  Let us help you develop balanced scorecards that help drive goal achievement and business success.