The Excellence Dividend

Books mentioned, referenced, recommended by Tom Peters:

The Dream Manager by Kelly
The Virgin Way by Branson
Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Bossidy and Charan
Ulysses S. Grant by Korda
Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic by Berry and Seltman
The Greatest Management Decisions Ever Made by AMACOM
Managers, Not MBAs by Mintzberg
Good Business by Csikszentmihalyi
Flow by Csikszentmihalyi
Joy Inc. by Sheridan
Servant Leadership by Greenleaf
Man’s Search for Meaning by Frankl (quoted from book)
The Shareholder Value Myth by Stout
The Golden Passport by McDonald
Enough by Bogle
Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance by Gerstner
The Soft Edge by Karlgard
The Advantage by Lencioni
Simply Brilliant by Taylor
Dry Basement Science by Janesky
What Will They Franchise Next by Penman
Every Customer a Raving Fan by Penman
Why Most Things Fail by Ormerod
The Synergy Trap by Sirower
The Future is Small by Williams
Retail Superstars by Whalin
Small Giants by Burlingham
The Three Rules: How Masterful Companies Think by Raynor and Ahmed
Race Against the Machine by Brynjolfsson and McAfee
The Customer Service Revolution by DiJulius
Hostmanship by Gunnarsson and Blohm
Patients Come Second by Spiegelman and Berrett
The Social Employee by Burgess and Burgess
Who: The A Method for Hiring by Smart and Street
Driving Honda by Rothfeder
Quiet by Cain
Under New Management by Burkus
The War for Talent by Michaels
The Decoded Company by Segal et. al.
1984 by Orwell
Predictive Analysis by Siegel
Weapons of Math Destruction by O’Neil
The Practice of Management by Drucker
Nice Companies Finish First by Shankman
Uncontainable by Tindell
Conscious Capitalism by Mackey and Sisodia
Firms of Endearment by Sisodia et. al.
The Good Jobs Strategy by Ton
Joy at Work by Bakke
Employee First, Customers Second by Nayar
The Customer Comes Second by Rosenbluth
It’s Your Ship by Abrashoff
Turn this Ship Around by Marquet
Hidden Champions of the 21st Century by Simon
Everyone Wins by Harkins and Hollihan
Delivering Profits by Hsieh
Camellia: A Very Different Company (company publication)
Like a Virgin by Branson
An Everyone Culture by Kegan and Laskow
Automate This by Steiner
The Glass Cage by Carr
The Second Machine Age by Brynjolfsson and McAfee
The Future of the Professionsby Susskind and Susskind
The Industries of the Future by Ross
Superintelligence by Bostrom
The Rise of the Robots by Ford
Robot Futures by Nourbakhsh
Data-ism by Lohr
Big Data by Mayer-Schonberger and Cukier
Glass Jaw by Dezenhall
Addiction by Design by Schull
Glass Houses by Brenner
Our Final Intervention by Barrat
Three Billion New Capitalists by Prestowitz
The Sovereign Individual by Davidson and Rees-Mogg
Get What You Deserve! By Levinson and Godin
The Female Advantage by Helgesen
Screw It, Let’s Do It by Branson
Serious Play by Schrage
Bloomberg by Bloomberg by Bloomberg
Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins by Farson and Keyes
The Difference by Page
Wide Angle Vision by Burkan
Get BIG Things Done by Dhawan and Joni
The Songlines by Chatwin
The Power of Design by Farson
The Boys in the Boat by Brown
Enchantment by Kawasaki
The Substance of Style by Postrel
Lovemarks by Roberts
Emotional Design by Norman
The Business Romantic by Leberecht
The Book of Tea by Okakura
The Art of Imperfection by Vienne
The Experience Economy by Pine and Gilmore
You Are Not a Gadget by Lanier
The Checklist Manifesto by Gawande
A World Gone Social by Coine and Babbit
Weology by Aceto
Social Business By Design by Hinchcliffe and Kim
Return on Influence by Schaeffer
Youtility by Baer
11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era by Merchant
Hacking Happiness by Havens
What Stays in Vegas by Tanner
Dataclysm by Rudder
Ethical IT Innovation by Spiekermann
Age of Context by Scoble and Israel
The Power of the Purse by Warner
Selling to Men, Selling to Women by Halter
America’s Competitive Secret by Rosener
Marketing to Women by Barletta
Why She Buys by Brennan
What Women Want by Underhill
The Soccer Mom Myth by Miller and Buchanan
Influence by Dychtwald
The Female Brain by Brizendine
Age Power by Dychtwald
50+ by Novelli
PrimeTime Women by Barletta
Ageless Marketing by Wolfe and Snyder
Fierce Conversations by Scott
How Doctors Think by Groopman
Respect by Lawrence-Lightfoot
First Break All the Rules by Buckingham
Banker to the Poor by Yunis
Leadership the Hard Way by Frohman and Howard
Charlie Wilson’s War by Crile
Career Warfare by D’Alessandro
1776 by McCullough
Mandela’s Way by Stengel
Take the Lead by Myers
Authentic Leadership by George
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Carnegie
The One Minute Manager by Blanchard
Quick and Nimble by Bryant
Patient Advocacy for Health Care Quality by Earp et. al.
Putting Patients First by Frampton et. al.
Manager’s Book of Decencies by Harrison
The Power of Small by Thaler and Koval
The Power of Nice by Thaler and Koval
Helping by Schein
Wait by Partnoy
The New Leaders by Goleman
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Kahneman
The Invisible Gorilla by Chabris and Simons
Mistakes Were Made by Tavris and Aronson
Why We Make Mistakes by Hallinan
Everything is Obvious by Watts
The Drunkard’s Walk by Mlodinow
Fooled By Randomness by Taleb
Predictably Irrational by Ariely
How We Know What Isn’t So by Gilovich
Being Wrong by Schulz
How She Does It by Heffernan
Selling is a Woman’s Game by Joy and Kane-Benson
Warren Buffet Invests Like a Girl by Lofton
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Goldsmith
Effective Apology by Kador
Man and Superman by Shaw

Tom’s Books referenced:

In Search of Excellence by Peters and Waterman
The Brand You 50 by Peters

The Tom Peters Seminar by Peters